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20th | CASIO

CASIO's digital piano series, Privia, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and continues to evolve and adapt to modern times.
With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, Privia has redefined the value of the modern piano—into an instrument that seamlessly harmonizes with a range of lifestyles.
"Unleash your inner musical expression with the freedom to play your own way."
Moving forward, Privia remains committed to redefining the role of pianos as part of our daily lives, helping to usher in a renewed appreciation for the immense value that music brings to a wide variety of lifestyles.

CASIO's digital piano series, Privia, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and continues to evolve and adapt to modern times.
With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, Privia has redefined the value of the modern piano—into an instrument that seamlessly harmonizes with a range of lifestyles.
"Unleash your inner musical expression with the freedom to play your own way."
Moving forward, Privia remains committed to redefining the role of pianos as part of our daily lives, helping to usher in a renewed appreciation for the immense value that music brings to a wide variety of lifestyles.

Frida Bollani Magoni / Singer-songwriter

Happy 20th anniversary, Privia!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play the PX-S7000, which has become a fundamental part of my home recording studio and has really changed my life. We have many things in common: one is definitely the desire to experiment, the willingness to explore new paths. And then we are almost the same age, because in 2024 I will be 20 years old, too. Happy birthday!

Alexander Acha / Singer-songwriter

Happy 20th Anniversary, Casio! Congratulations on 2 decades of excellence with Privia digital pianos, which have been a constant source of inspiration for artists like me. I am grateful to be part of the Casio family and excited for what the future holds. Cheers to the next 20 years of fantastic music with Casio Privia instruments!

MEGUMI / Actress, Singer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia!In this time of great transformation, I feel it is most important to be in tune with myself. It was during this time that I came across Privia, and I found that playing the piano has become an irreplaceable time for me, as it plays to my heart and heals me. It has become like a partner for me, blending beautifully into my interior design. Please continue to shine your light on the hearts of various people with your one and only existence.

Miguel Almaguer / Composer, Performer

Congratulations for 20 years of continuous success! I can recall perfectly the first time I saw a Privia Piano, on that occasion it had just been acquired by a colleague. First, I saw it coming out of the case and uttered: That’s such a beautiful sight! But then I played it, and I could feel its response to touch while producing a really fine sound. Lastly, I couldn’t believe the cost in which it was purchased. 
Since then, I often see my colleagues experiencing this same succession of emotions when I introduce them to my beloved instruments (lately I’m performing almost always on a PXS 3100) admiring the beauty of its design, enjoying the sense of touch, appreciating its profound sound and then being unable to believe that all that is so inexpensive. I’ve always admired Casio´s commitment to provide the technological advances they make on full service of the performers, always looking to solve our broadest and real possible needs. Casio creates instruments in which a performer can feel the love towards our discipline, and as consequence it is impossible not loving them back as they are an integral part of our art.  

Matthew Law / Pianist

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia.
The first electronic keyboard I purchased by myself was a Casio CDP series. Since then, I have been using the Privia PX-S1100 and PX-S7000. The PX-S7000, in particular, is a powerful companion when I don't have a live piano, and its abundant sound bank often inspires me to create. In addition to its sound quality and performance as an instrument, the Privia is also attractive for its stylish and modern design. I look forward to the further evolution of Casio and Privia, and hope that users will find one that they love and that it will become a companion for their own music life.

Dream Ami / Singer, Dancer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia.
I myself celebrated my 20th anniversary in 2022, and I have had a lot of contact with keyboard instruments since I was a child, and I think that was one of the reasons why I was able to enter this world so easily. Last year, I had the opportunity to try out the Casiotone CT-S1 during an interview, and I remember how surprised I was to feel as if I were playing a real piano. I look forward to seeing more products that will bring the joy of music to many people in the future. Many congratulations on this 20th anniversary!

José Luis Altamirano / Pianist, Composer

Congratulations to Casio Privia for the past 20 years of musical innovation and craftsmanship. With each and every instrument evolution, they have allowed musicians worldwide to strike passion and expression into every note that we play. I look forward to seeing where their ingenuity will take us next. Thank you Casio Privia!

Nanase Aikawa / Singer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia!
We always have some kind of musical instrument playing in our house, and one of them is a CASIO keyboard. It is especially useful for events such as birthdays. Music is written as "enjoying" sound, isn't it? I would like to encourage people who are just starting out or have given up on musical instruments to enjoy music. Just because you buy a musical instrument doesn't mean you have to play it, and I think that having a musical instrument by your side is a gateway to the world of enjoying sound. I think the appeal of the Privia is that it has many elements that allow you to genuinely "enjoy" the sound. Please continue to fascinate many people.

Alicia Witt / Actor, Singer-songwriter, Author

Happy 20th Birthday, Privia! Thank you for bringing immeasurable joy to countless musicians and listeners - as you have to me, and mine. As a classically trained pianist, the experience of playing a Privia - particularly the PX-S7000 - is the closest thing I’ve ever found to playing a grand piano at a venue that doesn’t have one. It’s an honor to be one of your brand ambassadors. Here’s to your next 20 years - thank you for the music.

Rachael Sage / Singer-songwriter

Congratulations to Privia on the 20th Anniversary of these magnificent instruments! I’ve been playing them for over a decade now at countless shows around the world and am continually amazed by how fantastic these keyboards sound and feel! Whether I’m performing in London, LA or NYC, the action and beautiful acoustic and electronic piano sounds lift my music to new heights. The portability, onboard speaker, stellar action and lightweight aspects are simply incomparable, and these keyboards have proven to be exceptionally durable as well. I’d be lost without the Privia and truly consider these amazing instruments to be a signature part of my sound, look and feel and the sonic quality my listeners have come to expect. Here’s to another 20 years of excellence!

Wataru Sato / Pianist, Composer

I started piano lessons at the age of 5 and got my first Privia when I was 20 years old, when I started composing music with DTM. I remember staying at home and recording many piano pieces. Since then, I have worked with many Privia models, including the PX-S1000. I have a personal attachment to all of them, and they all have different characteristics and qualities, and I enjoy playing and creating various pieces of music with them every time. I wish Privia's continued prosperity! Each of the Privia series has various designs and functions, but they all fit into people's lives and make music more accessible. We hope you will place a Privia in an easily accessible place in your life and enjoy music more closely.

Stefan Mahendra / Musician

It's been an absolute joy to get to know my Privia Piano a little better, and to experiment and incorporate the many different sounds into my songwriting and production.

Yashikuni Dohchin / Musician

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia. I vividly remember how impressed I was with the preset tones when I first touched the Privia. In addition to the outstanding sound quality, the design of the Privia PX-S7000 blends well with interior design, and I especially like the "integrated stand and pedals" of the Privia PX-S7000, which is beautiful from any angle and does not block the view. I think having a musical instrument in my home adds a whole new level of pleasure to my daily life, and I would like to play more at home in the future.

Hitomi Yaida / Singer-songwriter

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia. I think there are many reasons why it has been loved for so long. I love the touch of the Privia and its sleek form that fits in any room. In my music room, I have a Casio SA-45 electronic mini keyboard, which is always useful for checking melodies when composing music and checking pitch when practicing songs. There are various other musical instruments lying around in my living room, and every time I touch one at my leisure, it soothes my heart. I believe that music has the power to move people's hearts. We hope you will find your favorite instrument and play it at your leisure.

Edgar Wiersocki / Pianist, Teacher

CASIO musical instruments have been around me for as long as I can remember. My current Privia has been with me for 3 years and I wouldn't want to be without it - whether as a practice instrument before concerts, which can be taken practically anywhere, or as a stage solution. That's exactly what I like so much about Privia pianos - the universal application possibilities, the inimitable compactness and the great sound. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, dear Privia!

Tom Brislin / Keyboardist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Musical Director

Congratulations to Casio for 20 years of Privia pianos. When the Privia arrived on the scene, it didn’t take long for performers like myself to be seen playing them in concert. They have the combination of sound, feel, portability, and accessibility that has empowered so many of us in our music careers.

May J / Singer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia. I actually received a Privia as a birthday present in 2010 and have been practicing piano with it ever since. It has always been a great help to me. Thank you for everything!

LORI / Musician

CASIO always reminds me of the start of my career. When I started with music the CASIO STAGE CONTEST was one of the first competitions for me ever. What I like from my Privia is that it is perfect for practicing, for writing songs, and also for performing on stage. Happy birthday Privia, all the best for you!

Xiao Ying / Singer-songwriter, Composer, Music producer

Happy 20th Anniversary to Privia! CASIO synthesizers are my musical enlightenment. I remember seeing many CASIO instruments in the streets of Guangzhou when I was a child. When I went shopping with my mother, I played the CZ-1 synthesizer that was in the store. At the time, I didn't even know what a synthesizer was, but I was already very attracted by its innovative sound just by casually pressing it. They were the first step in my musical journey and pioneer of enlightenment. Since then, I can say that the new products of the Privia series have fulfilled all my imaginations about electronic pianos, but it was not until I came across the Privia PX-S7000 that I became more interested in creating my own music on this piano. Composing my own piano music was a feeling that coexisted with it. I placed this piano next to the sofa in the living room, integrating it with the living room. I compose music for this piano in this space. I believe that Privia is a new type of "Lifestyle Piano. In this room, my inner music came together and the rich characteristics of the PX-S7000 were enough to expand my ideas and to be the beginning of new compositions.

Luka Maksim Klais / Singer-songwriter

I've owned a Privia PX-S7000 in the color Harmonious-Mustard for a year now. I already knew several Privia models and they are all characterized by their compactness and minimalism, but the PX-S7000 makes my musician's heart beat faster. Not only does it look great in terms of design, but it also offers numerous functions, such as voice effects, which make my mobile performances much more comfortable. The piano is also battery-operated, which I find phenomenal. I am definitely a Privia fan and wish it a happy 20th birthday!

Steve Weingart / Jazz & Rock Keyboardist

Happy 20th Anniversary, Casio! Congratulations on 20 stellar years of making beautiful Privia digital pianos that give artists the best opportunity to make music! Well deserving, it’s a wonderful accomplishment to consistently win awards for the Privia series. It’s no small feat to rise above all of the competition with all the new developments that have come about with the Privia models. I personally have felt a great honor to be a part of the Casio family. From the time I first played the PX-5S and with all of the models up to and including the current PX-S7000, I have been inspired to compose and perform. I, as well as a great many musicians owe our gratitude to you for such wonderful keyboard instruments! Cheers, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next 20 years of fantastic Casio Privia instruments!

Zhang Kang Ming / Pianist, Composer, Music producer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Privia! I first purchased a CASIO Privia PX-100 in 2006 to use as my keyboard, which I occasionally take out for some live gigs. It's a very cost-effective and high quality keyboard that I've been able to perform with for a long time! Although it may seem arrogant to list my "accomplishments", the PX-100 has helped me write dozens of albums and textbooks over the past 20 years, as well as more movie and game music, and has been a great companion for me in live theater and concerts. It is also a heavyweight partner in my live accompaniment for plays and concerts! I still love to use this very cool Privia when I'm working on purely piano-based productions!

Amer Mulalic / Artist

Privia has established itself very strongly in recent years. I've only recently become a Privia user, but I'm completely blown away. The piano is a delight both in terms of sound and appearance. The design and touch operation are a lot of fun. Happy birthday, dear Privia!

Daisuke Takeuchi / Pianist, Composer

When it comes to keyboards and electronic pianos, we tend to focus first on the mechanics and high functionality, but this is probably because we see them as "instruments". The Privia series broke this trend in a positive way. The Privia series has given us the idea that it should fit in with our lifestyle and be a part of our interior design. Thanks to this, we have recently started to see them in fashionable cafes and apparel stores. Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia!

Crystal Key / Singer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia! I used to take piano lessons when I was in elementary school, but I stopped after about 4 years. I had a piano at home for a long time, but I gave it away when I moved to a new house, and since then I have only been able to play it outside. Then one day, I fell in love with a red Privia during an interview on Billboard Live, and they gave it to me as a gift! I was so happy that I have been touching it all day! Whenever a friend of mine comes over to my house to compose a song, I use the Privia to think of melodies and compose. The color is a really stylish red and the shape is very simple, so I love the way it looks like a part of my interior design. Please continue to bring out innovative and wonderful styles of pianos that fit in with the rest of our lives😊I look forward to a long relationship with you in learning chords and composing songs in the future!

Johannes Falk / Singer-songwriter

Congratulations, dear Privia! It's hard to tell that you're already 20 years old. I've had my PX-S7000 for almost a year now and love its minimalist, modern design. I also love playing on the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keyboard. I'm really looking forward to many more years with you - happy birthday!

Yusuke Hirado / Jazz pianist, Producer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia. I have really good memories of playing along with various rhythms on the Casiotone that I had at home when I was 5 years old, when I had just started playing the piano... It is no exaggeration to say that this experience has become the foundation of who I am today. I usually use the Privia as my main instrument for live performances and production, and I think that "fun to play" is the starting point of CASIO electronic instruments. Please continue to create instruments that stimulate our creativity!

May Payne / Singer-songwriter

My keyboard is so intuitive that it feels like an extension of myself. It allows me to be creative sonically and compositionally without the need to consciously tune in to any complex technology, giving my songwriting process freedom and momentum

Chen Jian Ping / Producer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Privia! As a professional musician, the pace of my life is always moving from city to city to the beat of music. When life takes a little break, I also plunge into the world of behind-the-scenes production. I need to rely on a variety of keyboard instruments of all kinds. However, of all the keyboard instruments, the Casio PX-S7000 and PX-S1100, play an indispensable role. They are my source of inspiration, my traveling companions, allowing me the freedom to capture inspiration and splash it into notes at any time, anywhere. The high quality of the sound they deliver surprises me and allows me to use the audio I create directly on my albums. The unique and highly personalized yellow and red colors give youthfulness and vitality, allowing me to feel incredibly alive and active in the world of music.

Michael Whalen / Composer

Happy 20th anniversary of the very wonderful Casio Privia! It is a wonderful instrument that keeps evolving and improving. Great sound. Great feel. Great style!

Monika Herzig / Jazz Pianist, Educator

Congratulations Casio on 20 years of the Privia piano. The Privia has changed my professional life in so many ways - the authentic feel of the weighted keys allows me to use my piano technique to the fullest, the clear sound elevates the musical product, the elegant look fits any surroundings and most of all, the light weight and built-in speakers allow for easy setup and transportation. I can be a one-woman band in the blink of an eye.

Michael Lehman Boddicker / Producer, Composer, Songwriter

Through my company SSTsynths Los Angeles has proudly provided Casio Privia pianos to Disney, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Fox, EastWest Recording, and projects for Danny Elfman, John Powell, Michael Abels, Joby Talbot, The Society of Composer’s & Lyricists, Dionne Warwick, Gloria Gaynor, Patti Labelle and Synthplex as well as such notable keyboardists as Ralph Grierson & Robbie Buchanan repeatedly and with rave reviews. The only reason we can send Casio Privia keyboards out to these stellar and demanding artists is because they perform: they sound great, they play great, they are easy to use, the MIDI2 implementation is the best of the best . . . and they look great on top of it all. Congratulations Casio on twenty years of Privia!!! We are honored to partner with you. Whether delivering to a film composer in an editing room, a songwriter in a hotel room, conductor on scoring stage, or a world class pianist live in concert Casio Privia and the Casio music team have shown an incredible responsiveness to the needs of keyboardists, songwriters, composers and performers. Here’s to the next twenty years of Casio Privia innovation!

Rei Yasuda / Singer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Privia. I am sure that Privia has been gently accompanying and healing many moments in the lives of many people. I, too, have always hummed or sung along with the keyboard about feelings that have yet to be put into words. Some of them have become songs and some have not, but for me, I am the one and only person who can listen to what I can't even tell my family and friends. I took a few piano lessons when I was a kid, but I fell off the wagon. But as an adult, I enjoy teaching myself to play the piano! This Privia looks cute and sounds great, so I can easily enjoy a life with music. Please continue to soothe everyone's heart with its sound.

Kie Katagi / Pianist, Composer

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Privia! When I was in kindergarten, I remember getting a Casio keyboard as a Christmas present and being excited to play the demo, beat, and drum functions every day. And when I started jizue, the first electronic piano I chose as an adult was also a Casio Privia. And now I am happy to be working on the promotion of the Privia, and I am strangely connected to Casio's electronic musical instruments. I look forward to seeing the Privia continue to evolve as a piano that enriches the lives of its users.

Billboard Live

While playing the Privia backstage at Billboard Live TOKYO, artists often reminisce about the first electronic piano they ever bought, saying, "Casiotone was the first electronic piano I ever bought." I feel firsthand that the electronic piano is still loved by many people today, even as it continues to evolve with the changing times. When the world changed with coronavirus and we could no longer do live performances, Casio was the first to support us in delivering live performances. I hope we can continue to deliver music together.

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