CT-X Series


Exceptional Sound

Casio leverages some of its most advanced technologies in the CT-X series, creating an unprecedented playing experience for any keyboardist.
Never before has a portable keyboard sounded so good.



High tone quality capable of reproducing subtle nuances of acoustic instruments


High-performance DSP effects and EQ driven by a powerful new processor


Wide range of built-in tones with unique and powerful expression capabilities

The new AiX Sound Source for Casio keyboards has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It combines a cutting-edge processor's high-performance DSP effects and EQ with meticulouslysculpted instrument sounds, such as acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, drums, and more. These sounds come to life with clarity and expression that is unparalleled in portable keyboards.


Enhanced amplifier and speakers highlight the AiX Sound Source's exceptional fidelity

A 15W+15W amplifier puts out the most power in its class. High-performance speakers provide clear, powerful sound. A newly-designed bass reflex enclosure delivers deep, rich bass (CT-X5000).
High-precision acoustic correction ensures clear, tight, authentic sound while suppressing excess resonance and maintaining full bass response.

An Engineer’s Voice


Manager at Casio R&D Center

During development of the CT-X series of keyboards, we aimed to allow players of all levels to easily enjoy professional-quality sounds. Nowadays the line between professionals and amateurs is being blurred by the Internet and social media. The AiX Sound Source allows even amateur players to perform or compose music by using professional, high-quality sounds, and we hope that this ability will spark a new movement in music.

Casio’s product development is based on the concept of growing the population of music lovers, and seeks to allow a large number of people to enjoy music. Through the AiX Sound Source, we would like to pioneer a new world of musical instruments by providing a musical experience that has never before been available.