GP-510BP, GP-310BK, GP-310WE

Digital Acoustic Hybrid Technologies

Developed in collaboration with C.BECHSTEINSince the development of the first digital piano, instrument makers have strived to create an instrument that could provide the experience of playing an acoustic grand piano. For years, Casio has refined its technologies with this goal in mind. Casio derives a significant advantage in reaching this goal since it does not manufacture acoustic pianos. This position has allowed Casio to research the finest acoustic pianos from around the world and develop groundbreaking music technology that recreates the piano experience. The result is a revolutionary line of digital pianos. These digital pianos incorporate tones developed from three world-famous grand pianos, a keyboard system employing the same materials and dynamic mechanisms as grand pianos, and a sound system that delivers the rich, natural tone quality and sound field of an acoustic grand piano. Casio's CELVIANO Grand Hybrid represents this convergence of acoustic and digital technologies.
With the new GP-510BP and GP-310BK/WE, Casio has succeeded in expanding the range of musical expression even further. This is the crystallization of 40 years of instrument making at Casio.

Developed in collaboration with C.BECHSTEIN
40th Anniversary CASIO Electronic Musical Instruments since 1980






The Perfect Combination
 of Innovation and Tradition