Privia PX-100

The first Privia, which revolutionized the digital piano

“Bulky, heavy, expensive”—these ideas of the conventional piano were turned on their heads by the PX-100, which was the world’s most compact (in depth) and lightweight* model when it was released. With meticulous attention to its sound and keyboard as well as its compact size, the Privia series featured stylish design. For many who had dreamed of owning a piano, yet for one reason or another had yet to make it a reality, the Privia offered fulfillment in keeping with its name, created from the words “Private Piano”—an instrument the user could keep in their own room. The debut of the Privia brought about a rapid increase in the number of digital pianos sold.

  • ※ Among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speaker, as of 2003.