Post your original music video on social media with the campaign hashtag!

CT-S1000V Challenge

Post your original music video on social media with the campaign hashtag!

CT-S1000challenge coming soon
A Vocalist That Sings at the Touch of a Key!
Show the World Your Very Own Unique Music Created with Vocal Synthesis!

The CT-S1000V is an instrument that redefines the concept of a keyboard and how it's played. At its core is Casio's new Vocal Synthesis technology.

Join our campaign by posting your original music video created with the Vocal Synthesis feature to social media.

Whether it is a single fresh phrase from your CT-S1000V, or a painstaking multi-tracked masterpiece, anything is welcome.

The grand prize winner will get a chance to demonstrate the product at the world's biggest musical instrument event "NAMM Show" as a Casio official CT-S1000V player.

Don't miss this opportunity to send out your creativity to the world!

Click here for more details about the CT-S1000V/Vocal Synthesis.



The CT-S1000V Challenge is a social media video campaign using the Vocal Synthesis feature of CT-S1000V.
Posted videos will be checked by Casio and introduced on this website.
Excellent works will be presented in stages on the website, and the best of the best will get the grand prize.

Grand Prize
100,000 JPY (One Winner)
*The grand prize winner will get a chance to take part in Casio's promotional activities (demonstration at events such as NAMM Show etc.) as a Casio official CT-S1000V player.
Contest Period
10:00 AM JST (GMT+9), September 16, 2022 - 11:59 PM JST (GMT+9), January 16
Judging Criteria
Creativity and originality in the use of the Vocal Synthesis function in the submitted piece.
  • 1. Create a music video integrating your original piece of music using the Vocal Synthesis function of the Casio CT-S1000V.

  • 2. Post the video on either Social Media.*1

  • 3. Fill in the entry form and apply.*2

Notes on Applying for CT-S1000V Challenge

*1 Posting process varies by the social media.

Post with the hashtag "#cts1000v_challenge".

Include "CT-S1000V Challenge" in the title of your video and post it with the hashtag "#cts1000v_challenge".

    *2 All entries must be submitted via the entry form on this website.

  • ●Your entry is not completed just by posting a video with the hashtag. Please refer to Terms of Application and Privacy Notice and if you agree please submit via the entry form.
  • ●Entries without the designated hashtag are not eligible for this campaign.
  • ●Please note that the posted video with the designated hashtag may be displayed in the Posts List even if you have not applied from the entry form.
  • ●For more details, please refer to Terms of Application.

Posts ListPosted music videos will be listed up here.


When applying for this campaign, please be sure to check the Terms of Application.

Q. Are there any special qualifications?icon

A. You must have a valid social media account. For more details, please refer to Terms of Application.

Q.Can I submit more than one work?icon

A. Yes, you can. You need to submit via the entry form for each post.

Q. Can I apply as a group?icon

A. Cooperative production and performance of the submitted work as a group is accepted. However, only one member of the group must be designated as a representative who is responsible for the entry, and for receiving the prize.

Q. Can I submit a cover song (songs composed by a third party)?icon

A. No, we accept only original songs.

Q: Is there a limit on the length of the music video?icon

A. There are no restrictions in this campaign. Check the maximum video length set by each social media.

Q. Is it possible to apply with only one phrase?icon

A. If you use the Vocal Synthesis function, you can apply with only one phrase.

Q. Can I post anonymously?icon

A. Yes, but when the video is listed up on this website, the name of the social media account you used to post your video will be displayed.

Q. Can I use instruments other than Casio products?icon

A. It is possible to use instruments other than Casio products but the Vocal Synthesis function of the CT-S1000V must be included.

Q: Is there a specific content to be shown in the music video?icon

A. No, even videos with a still image over music is accepted.

Q. Can I cancel my application?icon

A. Yes, deletion of the music video posted on social media is considered a cancellation.

Q. Is it possible to replace the music video I submitted?icon

A. Yes, after deleting the music video you posted, please apply with a new video again.

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Artist Performances

Vocal Synthesis Performances by Global Artists

  • Imanbek

  • Fabien NILO

  • MASAAKI Enatsu

  • Lucian

  • James Parades

  • elz production, Rizzkeys

  • Orlan Charles

  • Christian Matthew Cullen

  • EUROPE : Imanbek
  • EUROPE : Fabien NILO
  • JAPAN : MASAAKI Enatsu
  • CHINA : Lucian
  • UK : James Parades
  • INDONESIA : elz production, Rizzkeys
  • BRAZIL : Orlan Charles
  • US : Christian Matthew Cullen