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Continually advancing evolution Sound Source Technologies

“CASIO sounds” have evolved continuously, inspired by a commitment to quality sound production fundamental to the Company’s musical instrument making. New sound source technologies introduced one after another include the first 16-bit sampling system to reach the market, the PD sound source characterized by intense, vibrating core sounds, and the linear morphing system that realizes expressive performances through smooth sound transitions. The XW series employs the newly developed Hybrid Processing Sound Source to achieve powerful, original sounds born through further evolution of the sound source technologies developed over many years. The sampling technologies and innovative ideas accumulated by CASIO during this time have similarly contributed to the new Sample Looper function, which assembles a variety of sounds for use as source materials.

A record of highly successful achievements Mounting Technologies

As a manufacturer, CASIO has achieved remarkable success in deploying highly advanced mounting technologies to miniaturize various products. EXILIM digital cameras are one example of CASIO products that have won acclaim in various fields for making the most of these miniaturization and weight-reduction technologies while maintaining extremely high performance levels. CASIO’s electronic musical instruments have contributed to expanding the global population of performing musicians by proposing new performance styles supported by superior mounting technologies. The portable CZ-101 opened up new venues for synthesizer performances, for example, and Privia provided the model for a new style of piano by reducing both space requirements and weight. Today, the XW series has adopted the mounting technologies CASIO has constantly developed to realize a lightweight body that can be carried effortlessy to stage, street or club performances.

Making advanced performances easy Music Data

CASIO’s electronic musical instruments incorporate a diverse selection of built-in music data, from backing patterns to preset tones, arranged by professional musicians around the world with expertise in various genres. Users can employ this data, as well as a fund of music data available for downloading from the Website, to conduct solo performances that sound as if they were backed up by a professional band or orchestra. Even novices with limited performance skills can play easily and conduct high-level musical performances. The XW series’ extensive offering of music data includes backing patterns and sequence phrases, for example, that give birth to original tracks and raise users’ performance levels. It is fully equipped with functions that enable virtually anyone to make cool-sounding tracks and enjoy an advanced performance experience.

Supporting performers with unique ideas Interfaces

User interfaces, such as a large, full-dot LCD that simplifies various operations, controls such as slider switches and dials, and a Key Lighting System that guides performers’ fingers as they play by illuminating keys on the keyboard, are among the original ideas and technologies developed to support performances. When it comes to music production, moreover, electronic musical instruments loaded with functions to create music easily and speedily have been marketed worldwide. All this know-how in supporting performances and music production has been lavished on the XW series. Multi-functional yet easily understandable operations and easily accessible interfaces, such as rotating knobs and slider switches, are enabling larger numbers of people to enjoy activities such as carefree performing and editing, following wherever their senses lead them.