Shokuhin Maturi
a.k.a foodman /
Boogie Mann


KΣITO / Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman / Boogie Mann


KΣITO / Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman / Boogie Mann


  • Beat maker and DJ. KΣITO became familiar with Hip Hop while an elementary school student, and began his career as a DJ at age 13. When he was 17 he purchased an Akai MPC2000 and began performing as a beat maker and MPC.

  • Afterwards, he began exploring various new fields, including experimental music, ethnic music, chiptune and fine art. In parallel with those activities, he is in charge of the beat as a beat maker in the live performances of the hip hop group ALT.

  • From around 2012, he began creating Juke/Footwork beats, and in 2013 released the first EP “JUKE SHIT.” At the same time, he was creating complex Juke beats without using a sequencer, and began doing all live performances by simply hitting a pad. He showed off in front to RP Boo, the originator of Juke / Footwork, and TRAXMAN, which were a truly surprisingly exciting musical experience for all.

  • His outstanding skills and sense of rhythm have attracted attention not only in just the club scene but within the wider music scene. He has performed live at the Nanao Tabibito-sponsored PSYCHICS FALL EAST in 2014, and appeared also with Yoshihide Otomo and other Asian musicians who worked in session planning of the Asian Meeting Festival in 2015. So far, Nanao Tabibito, Hidenori Mukai, Yoshihide Otomo, dj sniff, Sakata Akira, Den Ga Ryu, OMSB and many other rappers and musicians have performed in sessions with him. KΣITO will continue to perform together with these musicians in various sessions.

  • Recently, the TAM genre that was extensively used in the Gorge scene has been closely connected, and those elements have been strongly incorporated in live performances.

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KΣITO / Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman / Boogie Mann

Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman

  • Yokohama resident beat maker / DJ / artist

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KΣITO / Shokuhin Maturi a.k.a foodman / Boogie Mann

Boogie Mann (SHINKARON/Бh○§†)

  • Musician / producer belonging to the Juke / Footwork label SHINKARON. Various forms of music such as R&B, Techno, Bass Music have been hybridized and produced on Juke / Footwork.

  • Not only the releases from the affiliated SHINKARON, but also the Pan Pacific Playa sublabel “Бh○§†” album release, as well as the popular compilation 160 or 80 CD recording “Love, not for sale” G. RINA featuring OMSB from SIMI LAB have been created, along with Nanao Tabibito’s EP TELE◯POTION recording of Juke for Teleport Nation of Nanao Tabibito, and in addition to the domestic release of the collaboration with Shokuhin maturi, several compilation songs with America and Australia have been presented.
    Also, there is a collaboration with Chiara Noriko, a singer from Berlin, along with a remix to the Malaysian unit Bass Sekolah produced using the activities of several foreign artists.

  • We have also done hot, enthusiastic live performances in a variety of party configurations, including the Japan tour of SHIN-JUKE and Traxman. In addition, at the end of August we plan to release the collaboration EP with Nanao Tabibito “Future Running.” It is planned for release on August 26, 2015, titled Boogie Mann running through with Tavito Nanao Future Running

    Boogie Mann running through with Tavito Nanao Future Running