• Beatwife is the current moniker for projects by Richard Wilson, a beat maker from Scotland in the U.K.

  • Beatwife has also released projects under the names Burnkane, Misty Conditions, and Whitelabel over the years, and has a wide variety of music offerings through the prestigious Planet Mu label.

  • With his deep knowledge of audio software technology, Beatwife has made significant contributions in the development of the XW-PD1’s sound, as both a software engineer and an artist.

  • On his latest release, Cornbrail Acid 2.5 (Love Love Records), Beatwife takes full advantage of the possibilities of the XW-PD1, using a range of innovative sequences stored inside the device that he himself was responsible for creating.

  • Experimental tracks such as CASIO Acid Socca are representative of the high level of freedom to be heard on this release. As a cutting-edge beat maker, Beatwife is one to keep an eye on.


When I was young my father was always building electronic noise gadgets around the house, from DJ turntables, mixers to little custom noise boxes which got me interested in electronic sound. I was just five years of age when he presented me with the CASIO SK-1 at christmas, this was the first machine that I could sample audio with and enjoy hearing my personal creations of sound.

After thirty years of sound production, engineering and developing my own software for sound design, I now noticed that there are not so many electronic devices like the CASIO SK-1 being produced for kids. Realizing that kids in this age need something a little more advanced and the technology available is also more advanced, we developed the TRACKFORMER XW-PD1. With the sudden surge of tablet and mobile touch screen applications I have noticed the lack of physical electronic devices available for kids and that the available devices are extremely limited. The TRACKFROMER XW-PD1 can take batteries, microphone input has headphone output, internal speaker,.. and has endless creative possibilities… May the force be with you.