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Suiyôbi no Campanella

  • Their music has a techno/house feel, but with unusual vocals on top. Lyrics flow together with no clear meaning to the words. And for some reason, these things work together for an emotional effect. This is Suiyôbi no Campanella .
    Although the unit officially consists of three members, KOM_I (vocals ), Hidefumi Kenmochi (musical director), and Dir. F (misc.), KOM_I stands alone as the public face of the group.
    The group's song "Momotaro", from their 2014 album Watashi wo Onigashima ni tsuretette (translated into English, Take Me to the Isle of Demons), quickly stood out on the Web and on radio, and listeners were hooked.
    Suiyôbi no Campanella released their latest album, Zipangu, on November 11 of this year. The group's music videos always create a stir, but this year they are raising the stakes even further.
    With appearances in TV commercials and involvement in other music production, the group is demonstrating an ever-increasing reach in the entertainment industry.



Suiyôbi no Campanella

Music video for "Nishi Tamao", a composition from the album Zipangu. KOM_I (vocals) plays a traveler lost in the forest, who in a dream encounters a strange musical instrument (the Trackformer XW-PD1). The story is both mysterious and comical.
The video was directed by Yuichiro Fujishiro, who previously directed the videos for Suiyôbi no Campanella's songs "Sen no Rikyu" and "Marie Antoinette". Filmed near Ojira river in Yamanashi prefecture, the video showcases that area's remarkable natural beauty.
The music itself breaks new ground for Hidefumi Kenmochi, who has layered his Suiyôbi no Campanella style over a sound reminiscent of his instrumental period.
The video showcases many new, experimental ideas, such as having KOM_I use the Trackformer XW-PD1.
Could this song perhaps mark the beginning of a new era in Suiyôbi no Campanella's music?