Izumi Matsui


Izumi Matsui

Izumi Matsui

  • Born in Osaka in 1980
    Percussionist, drummer, track maker, and DJ
    Began playing in the band "bonobos" as a percussionist from around 2001
    Left that group at the end of 2010

  • In addition to his work on percussion and drums, Matsui has built a reputation for his sonic approach with synth drums, synth percussion, sampling, effects, and more, and is currently supporting a variety of artists.


In the summer of 2015, Akakage told me about the Trackformer series that Casio was putting out. As soon as I heard about it, I was so excited that as soon as I got home, I turned on my PC, and forgot all about what time it was as I gazed at that performance demo on the screen. It was like magic.

After that, my first impression upon getting my hands on one of the devices and seeing its design was like, "Is this a spaceship? Or a superhero belt?" It was so fun. And then there’s the fact that it runs on batteries and has an internal speaker, and with those features you can use it anywhere. Add that to its intuitive simplicity and usability in almost all areas, which really aids creativity. All of these things really showed off its limitless possibilities, and I was completely sold.

For both DJs and track makers, not to mention for me in my role as a band member, the Trackformer XW-PD1 has incalculable potential. For example, I can hit the pads when I’m performing with my band, I can loop patterns, and then I can add effects to those loops…

Whatever you can come up with, there’s more, and it’s exciting to think about what you can do. The more time I spend in contact with the XW-PD1, the more ideas I get.
While there has been a lot of classic, top-class equipment up to now, I haven’t had the chance to come into contact with those things in real time when they were first coming out. Now it looks like the Trackformer XW-PD1 is going to become one of those classic devices—you can definitely imagine it from the way the XW-PD1 looks and sounds. (It stands on its own as an instrument.)

I think I will be using the Trackformer XW-PD1 for many years to come.