• Teezva began working as an artist in 1994, inspired by the classics of hip-hop.

  • He started producing tracks in 1998, and in recent years he has been the force behind countless hip-hop showcases throughout Japan, which are just one part of his multifaceted career.

  • In 2005, Teezva signed with Arepaz, the underground Miami label, and performed on the Merck Japan Tour.

  • In 2007 he appeared with Rebel Clique (the duo of “Fat Jon” and Amleset Solomon).

  • And in 2008, he joined up with the Japan tour of the Los Angeles-based artist and producer edIT.

  • Teezva’s booking as part of Lord Finesse’s Japan tour in 2011 is one example of his experiences with the big names in music worldwide, and of the steady progress of his musical abilities.




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