Before downloading from this site, you should first carefully read this page, which contains the following information. Computer system requirements for using the Internet Data Expansion System
How to connect your keyboard and computer
How to download the Music Data Management Software
Hardware Requirements
Minimum Computer System Requirements
The following are the minimum computer system requirements for using the Internet Data Expansion System
Operating System: Windows®98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP Home Edition/XP Professional (32-bit),Windows VistaTM(32-bit)
* Click here for Operating System Compatibility - Microsoft® Windows VistaTM
* Operation on a Macintosh is not supported.
Computer: IBM PC/AT or compatible, or NEC PC-98 Series
<Windows® 98SE/ Me/2000 Professional>
CPU: Pentium 166MHz or higher (200MHz or higher recommended)
Memory: 64MB minimum (128MB or more recommended)
<Windows®XP Home Edition/XP Professional(32-bit),Windows VistaTM(32-bit)>
CPU : Pentium 300 MHz or higher
Memory : 128MB minimum
<Windows® 98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP Home Edition/XP Professional(32-bit),Windows VistaTM(32-bit)>
Available Disk Space : 10MB minimum
USB port
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 4.04 or higher
Internet connectability
Display : High Color (16-bit) or greater (1,024 x 768 dots or greater)
Though this application is designed to run under the standard configurations described above,note that it may not be able to run correctly under certain software and hardware environments.
Electronic Keyboard
Internet Data Expansion System compatible CASIO keyboard
Software Requirements
Connecting Your  CTK-691, WK-3000 or WK-3500  Keyboard to a Computer
You must install Music Data Management Software on your computer before you can exchange data with your CASIO keyboard.You can download any one of the two packages listed below, depending on the Windows OS you use.
Connecting Your  CTK-691, WK-3000 or WK-3500  Keyboard to a Computer
Music Data Management Software 1.0 provides you with the following functions.
CASIO keyboard memory data management(data,load,save,delete)
Transfer of data between your computer and a floppy diskette or SD memory card
Conversion of internet data and computer data to a format that can be read by the keyboard’s disk drive or SD card slot, and the ability to write directly to a diskette or SD card loaded in the computer’s disk drive or card slot.
Conversion of data stored with the keyboard' disk drive or card slot so it can be read directly from the computer's disk drive or card slot and manipulated on the computer.
Data conversion from SMF Type 1 to SMF Type 0
CASIO keyboard memory data management (data store)
Editing of keyboard parameters (Synth, Drawbar, DSP, Mixer, etc.) from your computer
Creation of keyboard-compatible rhythm patterns from SMF
Conversion of a standard waveform file in computer memory to a keyboard-compatible tone with wave form
•English Manual for Application
Application Manual(3.24MB)
English Manual for Application
The manual file you download is compressed using zip format. Expand the compressed file.
•Batch Downloading the Application
Application + Windows® Installer (8.12MB) Application (Version 2) + Windows® Installer
After downloading, double-click Ides40.exe to start installation of Data Management Software.
•Downloading Application in Parts
Application + Windows® Installer (273KB)
part1 part2 part3 part4
part5 part6 Ides40-c.exe
None of the files is greater than 1.5MB in size. After downloading all of the files into the same folder, double click the program for joining them together (Ides40-c.exe). Next, double-click the installer (Ides40.exe) to start installation of the Data Management Software.
If your computer is running Windows® 2000 Professional, check to make sure that you have the Version 3 or greater Service Pack installed before starting installation.Youcan use the Windows Update function to install the latest Service Pack.

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